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Color Matching Information

Why is color matching is not guaranteed?

A computer monitor uses a "light additive" process to produce an image by combining red, green and blue (RGB) dots.

A printed image is viewed by "reflective light" of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) colors.

Your monitor is able to display a much wider range of colors than a "reflective" product, such as our color products and it is nearly impossible to have additive and reflective colors match.

With a properly calibrated monitor, our colors will be very close to what you see on the screen. However, most monitors are not calibrated when installed and must be calibrated according to manufacturers specifications. Most companies provide or offer calibration utilities.

Now we move on to the production of your color item. Special dyes are used to place your image onto your item. As a comparison, the color range of our dyes are more limited than the color range of regular printer inks. Today's typical printer using CMYK inks can print somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 million colors. Our dyes can only print a fraction of that range.

Many customers request PMS (Pantone) color matching. As discussed above, our dyes do not have a complete range of the color spectrum so frequently there will be PMS colors to which we cannot provide an exact match.

If you are attempting to match Pantone colors, please provide the PMS color number(s) as an editable design using a vector based format and we'll do our best to match your colors as closely as we can. Additional charges may apply.

Please feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call to discuss your special project - 225.757.1545 / 888.426.8241.

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