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SFDXA Club Badge

South Florida DX Association Club Badge

The South Florida DX Association is a group of Amateur Radio enthusiasts that "chase" DX contacts with other amateurs all over the world. DX is ham-speak for long distance. Each contact must be confirmed with a QSL (post) card and certified by QSL card checkers to be a considered valid. Confirmed contacts accumulate toward the coveted DXCC award. Beyond the DXCC award for 100 countries, DXers track contacts in an attempt to collect the maximum number of recognized countries from around the world. This number currently exceeds 300 countries.

For more information on the South Florida DX Association, please visit their web site or e-mail W2CQ.

The SFDXA badge has a ORANGE background with WHITE letters.

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The SFDXA Club badge is $15.50.

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